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Program/Systems Analyst III

Time to Fill:

December 2020




Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD


Full-Time Employee


· Perform technical and analytical work which requires the ability to learn and apply new and established methods, procedures, and techniques

· Assist in planning, coordinating, arranging, managing, and conducting of test events, data collection, and evaluation efforts

· Serve as a Subject Matter Expert on all aspects of the assigned program areas

· Review, conduct, and evaluate sampling, surveys, inventories, data, and findings

· Evaluate adequacy of controls and corrective measures and identify and make recommendations on determinations of alternate measures

· May be required to serve as a Combatant Command Liaison Representative in the United States or abroad. Liaison duties would include, but not be limited to, providing direct planning, coordination, Information Assurance, Interoperability, and Mission Assurance assessment and exercise support onsite

· Approximately 30% domestic and/or international travel


· Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field. Fourteen or more years of experience to include one year as the team leader of an acquisition project and an additional three years as a practicing analyst responsible for a functional area of an acquisition program

· Experienced in both R&D production and/or deployment phases of the acquisition process

· Five years of experience gained within the last ten years (2010 to present) in at least one of the following ten areas:

  • Counter-target acquisition systems; radar; air defense artillery (ADA) missiles and missile guidance; and ADA Command and Control systems

  • Electrical/electronic engineering and electromagnetic propagation in support of test and evaluation (T&E) of      Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Applied physics in support of T&E of Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Development of data reduction and analysis      algorithms; development of software tools to reduce, interpret, and analyze test data; and using existing (available) software tools to facilitate statistical analysis of Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Software scripting in support of T&E of Fires and ADA systems/ subsystems

  • Developmental test (DT), operational test (OT), and evaluation methods (includes T&E planning, test design, test readiness, test execution, data collection during test, evaluation of test or modeling data, development of evaluation analysis plans and reports) for Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and with ATEC’s Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) process of Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Data collection, reduction, and analysis planning and execution for Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Oral and written communication such as briefings, writing technical papers, etc. (includes T&E plans and      reports such as System Evaluation Plans (SEP), Test & Evaluation Master Plans (TEMP), Early Strategy Reviews (ESR), Concept In Process Reviews (CIPR), OT and/or DT Test Plans, Operational Test Agency (OTA) Milestone Assessment Reports (OMAR), OTA Evaluation Reports (OER), OTA Assessment Reports (OAR), Capabilities and Limitations Reports (CLR), Safety Releases (SR), and Safety Confirmations (SC)) for Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

  • Integrating Army and Joint Service system acquisition documentation (includes DOD, Army, and ATEC regulations, pamphlets, instructions and guidance) in the development of DOD system acquisition products for T&E of Fires and ADA systems/subsystems

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