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Fighter Aircraft SME: F-16 Pilot or F-15E Pilot /WSO

Time to Fill:

Position Filled




Warrior Prep Center, Landstuhl Germany


Full-Time Employee


  • Develop scenarios for WPC-sponsored training events. These events will primarily be operational/tactical level training. They will include large force exercise events integrating joint, combined, allied, and other partner nations’ forces in an air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace battlefield, as well as smaller scenarios integrating specific capabilities.

  • Perform White Force (role play) functions during execution of exercises and training events. These functions include, but are not limited to, exercise director, Air and Space Operations Center, Combat Operations Division, and Combat Plans Division.

  • Control and perform duties as blue air/red air with constructive models.

  • Lead briefs and debriefs with exercise audience for tactical level training events.

  • Generate mission materials related to the training scenario. These include, but are not limited to: Air Tasking Order, Airspace Control Order, communication plans, Special Instructions, blue and red orders of battle, red air plans, and mission cards.


  • F-16 Pilot, F-15E Pilot, F-15E WSO; Significant and recent operational experience in the F-16 or F-15 aircraft within 5 years; Instructor/ Evaluator experience

  • Knowledge of USAF planning cycles/processes as well as the employment of USAF weapons systems to include Close Air Support, SEAD, Air-to-Air, Aerial Refueling, Electronic Warfare, C4ISR, Airlift – combat delivery, Cyber, Combat Search and Rescue, Dynamic Targeting, and Special Ops mission sets

  • Air to ground and SEAD experience very important

  • Familiarity with USAF and Joint policy and doctrine as well as experience with the planning and execution of joint, combined, allied, and other partner nations' operations and exercises

  • Clearance Requirement: US Citizen with existing Department of Defense security clearance and the ability to maintain that clearance

Additional Information:

  • This position is under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), with tax exemption up to IRS limits.

  • Relocation package available.

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