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Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

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San Antonio, TX


Full-Time Employee


  • Coordinate field trauma training in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

  • Facilitate the achievement of optimal outcomes in relation to training in trauma care.

  • The required outcome result is to enable the Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic to react quickly and efficiently to real world emergency situations, when encountered with obstacles, by using the tools available in the performance measures.

  • Provide quality standardized instruction in accordance with the established policies, procedures, and guidelines used in the Joint Trauma System/Civilian agencies and MTFs.

  • Teach per curriculum and demonstration compliance of skills/instruction

  • Present all course materials in an effective fashion using didactic, hands-on and simulation training.

  • Provide course oversight including instructional components of the standardized curriculum.

  • Recognize discrepancies and develop solutions and reports them to the program coordinator.

  • Provide course evaluation, identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

  • Course and Instructor shall be evaluated by the Program Coordinator and cadre instructors.

  • Program coordinator shall advise and assist the instruction.

  • Provide course assignments based on the scope of practice and skill level of students.

  • Recognize safety measures and quickly react in real world emergency and exercise situations.

  • Communicate and collaborate with a diverse group of people for the purpose of informing the healthcare team of plans/actions, for teaching/education to benefit the medical readiness.

  • Maintain currency requirements based on certification.

  • Assist in development of marketing materials for conference and education events (i.e. conference brochure)

  • Conduct research in support of improved practice and patient outcomes.

  • Provide safe training – identify, track and report safety hazards in the field training area.

  • Assist program coordinator on educational program administrative requirements, to include

            1. maintenances of program, course, student/participant records, and preparation and submission of data and reports at the end of each course.

            2. Monthly/annual reports will be completed by the program coordinator with the assistance of the instructors. These monthly reports/annual reports are associated with the number of students, number of courses, Air Force Specialty Code/Military Occupational Specialties of the students, equipment usage, test results (pre-test/post test scores); etc. The purpose of these reports is to measure instructors’ metrics and validate the programs efficiency.

  • Fulfill simulation course and operations for manikins utilized for field instruction.

  • Participate in continuing professional development programs as appropriate.

  • Verbalize knowledge of emergency response to life threatening conditions and medical response for all point of injuries.

  • Demonstrate hands-on skills and provide safe environment for students to demonstrate skills.

  • Demonstrate appropriate operations of all equipment and supplies to include manikins.

  • Perform didactic and hands on skills for teaching students.

  • Ensure infection control and safety measure are adhere to during set up and clean up


  • Associate degree in healthcare, emphases on training/education from accredited institution.

  • Certifications: possess and maintain current Basic Life Support Certification.

  • Possess a current National Registry of Emergency Technicians (NREMT) and/or Paramedic Certification.

  • Obtain and maintain the following courses within 6 months: Trauma Combat Casualty Course, Medical Provider Instructor course or instructor status in any advanced trauma field training course.

  • Experience: Three years of experience in the last 5 years as a First Responder or Emergency Department.

  • Previous instructor experience is an advantage.

  • Military Veteran related experience is a plus.

  • Licensure/Registration possess and maintain unrestricted license to practice as EMT in Texas.

  • EMTs/Paramedics must possess and maintain certification from National Association of EMTs.

  • Must be able to lift 40 lbs. and walk up to 200 yards without assistance. Some duties are outside in environmental elements for example: rain, ice, wind, uneven terrain etc.

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